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See it, hear it, sign it

MyChoicePad uses Makaton, a language programme that reinforces spoken words with Symbols and Signs. This means that instead of just listening to a word, a person can see its symbol, hear the spoken word and physically sign it. This makes communication easier to understand and therefore easier to learn.

Fun Language Development

Designed and structured by Specialist Speech and Language Therapists to help with Language Development. These activities help users to learn new vocabulary, develop their understanding and then use it to start building sentences.

Support Daily Life

Quickly build personalised Grids to support everyday activities and conversations. Build plans and lists for upcoming events or capture photos during activities and use them to discuss the activities later!

4000+ Makaton Symbols

Quickly remind yourself of a Makaton Symbol or Sign by looking it up in the MyChoicePad Library.

Language Development

Play fun learning activities, designed and structured by Specialist Speech and Language Therapists

Grids for Everything

Use Makaton Symbols to build any kind of Grid to support everyday activities and conversations

Empowering the Vulnerable


of users saw an improvement in communication skills within 1 month


of users agreed that communication increased between them and the person they support


of users agreed that MyChoicePad has increased the independence of the person they support

Statistics taken from the
2015 MyChoicePad Social Impact Study


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