Makaton at your fingertips

Language and communication development on the iPad and iPhone


Ask MyChoicePad to show you the sign for over 4000 Makaton concepts. See it, hear it, sign it!


Save time with our choice pad templates to schedule the day, make shopping lists, food choices and initiate conversations.


Record your own signs, create your own picture and video concepts and share with school, Speech and Language Therapists and family who also have MyChoicePad.

Any child

MyChoicePad and Makaton are used in schools and nurseries across the UK to support all children with their language development.

Any child

Zoe Peden, Co-Founder, MyChoicePad

I created MyChoicePad 10 years ago to help everyone apply Makaton at home, at school and in supported living. Everyone can easily access Makaton signs, create their own sign video and share them.

Special needs - Children and Adults

MyChoicePad and Makaton is perfect for children and adults with autism and Downs syndrome.

Special needs - Children and Adults

Leila, Teaching Assistant

It's been designed so the kids (and me!) can use the library to teach themselves, record their own videos and they end up teaching everyone else!

Late talkers

Using Makaton signs alongside speech can help encourage late talkers to feel more confident and support their understanding of language.

Late talkers

Mum to Archie, 4

I'd been told that Archie was a little behind in his speech and another parent recommended MyChoicePad to help us with Makaton signs. We used it for 12 months and he got back on track.


MyChoicePad has been used for the last 10 years to help with simple assessments, providing support for using Makaton signs and now there are the schedules and lists to put learning and communication into practice in school and at home.


Juhi, Speech and Language Therapist

Being able to look up a sign in seconds is always useful but now the new addition of schedules, to do lists and being able to share choicepads and videos I've created with clients reinforces everything outside our sessions.

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