MyChoicePad2 - A new fresh app for 2021 - 10 year anniversary

A brief overview of the changes in the latest app version

MyChoicePad2 2021 - A new fresh app for 2021

It's almost 10 years since MyChoicePad was first released into the app store - it's had quite a few incarnations since and it was time that MyChoicePad was updated to be in good shape for the next 10 years.

This time we've totally rebuilt the app and after sending out an online survey early in 2020 we were equipped with information on how to build it back better. The new version MyChoicePad2 is not an update - you will need to download an entirely new app. You will also need to reset your password - this is much safer security to do it this way rather than importing your passwords across. Due to it being an entirely new app unfortunately we cannot import your grids and concepts across, so please take screenshots so you can re-create your own personal choicepads. The new version backs them all up online so you won't need to do this again.

This is a summary of what you will see:

  • Updated videos for core vocabulary and more coming from Makaton via app updates - this was a very popular request particularly from trainers
  • Ability to record your own signing videos and insert videos in the place of symbols
  • New choice pad templates in the form of to do lists, schedules, First-Then and Choiceboard
  • Ability to share your own creations of concepts and ChoicePads with other MyChoicePad users (coming soon to organisations)
  • You can use it on your iPhone as well as your iPad! Yes finally we have it on iPhone!!
  • All your choicepads and concepts are backed up online so if you need to replace your device they will seamlessly transfer over.
  • No more learning pathways (just not used enough to rebuild sadly)

This was a very big build project and we expect to be making updates a few times a year as The Makaton Charity update their collection and film more videos. The new version does mean that you can create your own signing videos and share them - you just won't have the official "stamp" that demonstrates the Makaton video!

You can try out the new version of MyChoicePad2 if you just search on iTunes for the app. The old app will move into well deserved retirement in 3 months time so please do make the transition over.