Travelling by bus

Initiating conversations and encouraging independence

Great for

- More experienced MyChoicePad users who are ready to experiment with asking questions and making requests in new social situations

How to use the ChoicePad

This ChoicePad allows for the MyChoicePad user to initiate conversation by signing hello, request a ticket and ask about the fare cost when travelling on a bus. You could use role play to practise this interaction with your user before they try it for themselves. Start with a basic goal such as initiating interaction with a single sign and work towards more advanced uses of MyChoicePad. Try the following:

- MyChoicePad user to initiate interaction by signing hello

- MyChoicePad user to communicate where they are going to an unfamiliar person

- MyChoicePad user to request a ticket and ask about the price of the fare


Customise for the person you are supporting

You can take away or add more signs in order to have the ChoicePad more individualised for your MyChoicePad user. You can customise the ChoicePad by adding photographs of the bus route, ticket or bus pass and the destination. You can do this by taking a photograph with your iPad/iPhone and uploading it to the app. You can also add a voice recording to support them to communicate what they want to say.

Liam, one of our adult MyChoicePad users started by using this ChoicePad when travelling by bus to college everyday. As he became more familiar with the ChoicePad he was able to add symbols and photographs to support him to have a conversation with the bus driver, request the appropriate ticket each day and become more confident in using MyChoicePad as part of his everyday routine. He is now able to use the signs spontaneously and continues to use MyChoicePad to help convey his messages to others.