Using a Conversation Starters ChoicePad

Initiating interaction can be one of the hardest things!

Great for

- Early sentence users

- Developing confidence

- Supporting social skills

How to use the ChoicePad

This ChoicePad allows for the MyChoicePad user to initiate interaction and conversation with both familiar and unfamiliar people in a range of social situations. The MyChoicePad user can point to the symbol and/or use the sign to say hello and start a conversation about the weather, school, work, family or holidays. This can be used alongside a ‘family’ grid containing photos of each family member (try this by uploading the image into a MyChoicePad cell and adding each person’s name and/or relation i.e. son, sister etc)

Some users may find it difficult knowing how to start the conversation and this grid allows them to practise this skill before being adapted to suit their interests. Take it in turns with your MyChoicePad user to point to a symbol and wait for them to use the sign.


How to get the most out of MyChoicePad

By creating your own ChoicePads you can choose which signs are relevant for your MyChoicePad user. As a communication partner you can encourage conversations by choosing signs and creating ChoicePads based on their needs, interests and motivations.

Sean, one of our adult MyChoicePad users regularly attends a local support group. He enjoys the company of others, however, at times he can find it difficult initiating a conversation with an unfamiliar person. He uses this ChoicePad as a communication aid and he can use the symbols and signs to indicate when he wants to ask someone about their work.