Using the "Getting ready for bed" ChoicePad

Introducing new c

Great for

- Single sign users

- As a visual timetable

How to use the ChoicePad

- Introduce new vocabulary by having the MyChoicePad user match the activity you have just finished (i.e. after they have had their supper) with the symbol on the ChoicePad and copy the sign. Or you could have photographs of the user or other people carrying out the activities and take it in turns to look at the photo and match with the appropriate symbol on the ChoicePad. You could also try making up short stories together using the new vocabulary or choose a symbol, act out what is happening and encourage the MyChoicePad user to guess what it is by pointing to the symbol and/or using the sign.

- Use as a visual timetable by showing the user what is next in their routine by pointing to the symbol and copying the sign, for example you could say ‘first we are going to have a bath’ and use the sign and then return to the iPad and say ‘now it’s time to put on our pyjamas’ and copy the sign.

Customise for the person you are supporting

Change it up depending on your MyChoicePad user’s bedtime routine! You could take photos of the user at each stage of their routine and replace the symbols in the current ChoicePad. Introduce up to 5 new signs at a time - remember - you can include as little or as many symbols and signs you like on your own ChoicePad. Using photos of the MyChoicePad user or photos of familiar people can be a great way of adding some motivation to the activities.

Paul, father of Lucy, one of our MyChoicePad users reported that his daughter loves to play a game using this ChoicePad. They take it in turns to act out an action or item and the other person has to guess what the action is by using the appropriate sign. Another way to play this game is by drawing out the action/item on paper. Initially Lucy also used this ChoicePad as a visual timetable to support her in getting ready for bed by following the order of tasks and learning the signs along the way.