Using the "Ordering in a cafe" ChoicePad

For early sentence users

Great for

- Early sentence users

- Building confidence

- Those working on the skill of requesting using Makaton

Customise this ChoicePad for the person you are supporting

This ChoicePad allows the MyChoicePad user to practise ordering in a restaurant by linking two or more concepts together for early sentence making, for example ‘I want soup’. One of our adult MyChoicePad users, Cara has used this ChoicePad and has also created similar ChoicePads with the support of her communication partner to prepare her order before visiting somewhere new. Cara and her communication partner reported that they will usually access the menu online before visiting a new restaurant and Cara is able to choose what she wants and therefore insert the appropriate symbols into the ChoicePad.

You can take away or add more signs in order to have the ChoicePad more individualised for your MyChoicePad user. You could also add pictures by taking a photograph with your iPad and uploading it to MyChoicePad. You could also add a voice recording and support them with using the ChoicePad to order.

Remember to try out any new ChoicePads using role play to provide your MyChoicePad user with the opportunity to practise using new symbols and signs. Start with a basic goal such as initiating interaction with a single sign and work towards more advanced uses of MyChoicePad. Try the following:

- MyChoicePad user to initiate interaction by signing hello

- MyChoicePad user to request using a single sign

- MyChoicePad user to request using short sentence with 2 or more concepts together