Using the "Packing for holiday" ChoicePad

Great list making skills! Tick them off as you go...

Great for

- Single sign users

- Adolescent and adult MyChoicePad users

- Supporting independence and introducing new signs

How to get the most out of MyChoicePad

By creating your own ChoicePads you can choose which signs are relevant for your MyChoicePad user. MyChoicePad is designed to be used as a communication aid as well as a language development tool. As a communication partner you can encourage conversations by choosing signs and creating ChoicePads based on their needs, interests and motivations.

How to use the ChoicePad

This ChoicePad allows the MyChoicePad user to select what they are planning to pack for holiday and learn the signs at the same time. The user can choose which item they are going to pack next by selecting the symbol and copying the sign. You can support them to learn the new vocabulary by signing an item and encouraging them to point to the correct symbol (step up the activity by having them do the sign and you point to the symbol).

Customise for the person you are supporting

- If the user is ready to move from using single signs to short phrases you could add the signs for ‘I’ and ‘want’ to support the development of sentences containing 3 parts (i.e. ‘I want socks’). Remember to check with a Speech and Language Therapist before moving onto sentences

- Continue to add new signs that are appropriate to your MyChoicePad user that might not already be included in this ChoicePad

- When introducing new vocabulary keep activities as simple as possible